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Daytona is a document management and imaging product developed by Le Mans Tech. It is a complete HTML5 web-based solution.


Enjoy the fastest viewer on the market. Preview documents from any source and see them displayed in both the viewer and in thumbnails. Have a clear and instant overview of what's happening on your document. Modifications (including annotations) are displayed in real time in the viewer as well as in the thumbnails. Works on all platforms and devices through any HTML5 browser.


Document Management: throughout the lifetime of a firm, an innumerable amount of documents get created, which in lack of a proper document management system reside as e-mail attachments or land in a poorly constructed hierarchical folder structure on a distant shared drive. Daytona provides the ability to store meta-information, which allows for any kind of classification and thus easier search and retrieval of your documents.


Business Process Management: the workflow engine in Daytona makes it possible to map and automate complex business processes of the company. This practically ensures that everything happens on time and in compliance for the appropriate set of rules.


Form Recognition and OCR: the form recognition engine and OCR in Daytona allows the software to classify and then automatically recognize scanned documents and OCR predefined zones. Utilizing the workflow engine, business rules can be applied to those documents for correction, and automatic routing for business workflow requirements.


Document Bundles: a bundle is a list of required document types that are needed to fulfill the requirements of a bundle. Daytona allows this grouping based upon business requirements and applies workflow rules to enforce those requirements.


Version Control: documents, such as Office documents, need to be managed and Daytona allows for version controlling those documents.


Shared Drive: Daytona allows for the replacement of a traditional network shared drive and becomes a managed drive including version control and preventing ransomware encryption.